Summer Solstice – And The Wheel Turns

solstice sunOn Thursday morning, about an hour before the first light breaks over the horizon, the Sun will enter the zodiac sign of Cancer. Known as the Summer Solstice, Midsummer, Litha and a variety of other names, this day has held significance for astronomers, astrologers, farmers and pagans alike throughout the centuries. Perhaps that is one reason why it has always held a special place in my heart.
Here in San Antonio, the Sun will embrace its month-long sojourn through the sign of Cancer at 5:07 am. For astronomers, this signals the beginning of summer. After the Sun rises, we will experience the longest day of the year with nearly 15 hours of daylight. For pagans, it marks a time to revel in the fullness of the Sun’s power. For most of us though, June 21 is a time to begin visiting farmer’s markets, launch into summer picnics or take family vacations.
I invite you to consider that there is yet another wonderful thing we can do on the Sun’s special day. Each Summer Solstice, I look at how the Wheel of the Year is turning from an astrological point of view. Many of us are already oriented to doing annual planning and goal setting sometime close to New Year’s Eve. Just before that, on December 21, we would have experienced the Winter Solstice.
When the two solstices are combined with the two equinoxes, the calendar gets divided into four equal seasons of Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. By looking at the astrological chart for the moment a season begins in our city, we can gleam information on what the remainder of that season holds in store for us as well.
So, what does the 2018 Summer Solstice portend for those of us living in San Antonio you ask? Let’s take a quick look at that together! A review of the astrological chart for San Antonio’s Summer Solstice reveals a few themes that may predominate our lives during much of July, August and September.
Are you beginning to feel the need to speak out, defend or take a stand on something that ignites your inner passion? For some of us, identifying what it is that “I” am willing to protect or fight for is going to be where our energies are drawn, while for others the answer to that very question can create a clash with one’s sense of self-identity. Personal needs vs. family responsibility, career advancements interfering with the demands of home-life or desires to move in a new direction that challenges your established status-quo are just a few of the ways that equally passionate areas of our personalities can experience a temporary clash.
The solstice also appears to open up our need to speak out about home, family and children as well as on money matters and those things in life which we personally value. The words others use that make us feel devalued, taken for granted or unappreciated may fuel the fires of our actions as well. Similarly, any passive aggressive forms of communication, such as engaging in prolonged silence or avoiding specific topics, may fail to continue working for us too.
The universal push we all will be experiencing is to take responsibility for communicating the feelings we have at present about the people, things or ideas we value. This can range from the very personal, such as healing a family wound, to the broader impact of events like those being witnessed in the current discussions around the separation of immigrant children from their families. We will see over and over again this summer that there are some emotions which strike a chord too close to the heart for us to remain silent any longer.
Yet, fear not, for there are strong positive energies awaiting us this summer as well. Our calling in this life is about to sound out loudly. The confidence that “I” am a person who can make a difference will strengthen along with a belief in the power of the individual. Together, both can give us cause to rise up in a way that is transformative.
Some of us will answer the call by joining with like-minded souls to collectively exert our power on the institutions we want to reform while others will humbly make changes in their personal lives. Each of us will cast a stone of our own making into the pond of life and watch the ripples create rings of change. However, both the large changes of society and the intimate ones of daily life require action to get that proverbial ball rolling.
This summer the one single change we all can make that will have the greatest impact is the one we are able to maintain every day for the next three months. Daily actions, adjustments to our habits and routines or the baby steps we take towards that bigger dream are what is required now. Although it may not feel exciting to save $10 a day, carve out an hour for personal care and nurturance each week or even to write those letters to your congressman, these are the very keys to opening the door on a life filled with abundance, improved work/life balance or an established coalition.
To put it simply, whatever it is you are meant to create, now is the time to think large, big and bold. Expand your vision so that it is filled with what you need to transform the quality of life for you, your family or those you value. Then, back up for a moment and begin doing something which is planned out, practical and actionable. Remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with that first small, simple step. That is where we are at now, figuring out the next leg of our journey as well as what steps we need to take in order to arrive there by the Fall Equinox in September.

I look forward to hearing how you have navigated through this season and seeing what astrological indicators we will have for the autumn when we next look at how the Wheel of the Year is turning during the Fall Equinox. Until then….

Moon Phases, part 1

What does the moon represent in astrology?  More than just feelings…the landscape of our inner world.

The heart and the soul.  Our reigning needs.  The mood of our life, averaged over a lifetime.  How we heal ourselves as well as others.  The role of whimsy in our lives.  Our family of origin and any families we chose to create.  Those are the key ideas that underlie the moon.  All different facets of the same diamond.

Since the dawn of time, man has strived to understand the meaning of the moon.  One of the oldest ways is to assign meanings to each of the moon phases.  But how many phases are there?

Different systems divide the moon’s phases in various ways.  Is it the 2 hemispheres of waxing & waning, 3 phases of maiden, mother & crone or the 4 quarters we see listed in modern calendars today?  The more esoteric traditions speak of 8 cross-quarters and 28 mansions as well.  It can be a bit confusing.

In this series of posts, I will walk you through the ways I interpret moon phases.  We experience them both in our own natal birth chart as well as in each month’s lunar cycle.  Please share any questions or additional methods of interpretation that you use in the comments section.  Let’s spend this month exploring the moon together.

Divide by 2….  Let’s start off with the waxing (increasing) & waning (decreasing) amount of moonlight we see in the monthly cycle of new/full moons.  Here life is not so much black or white, rather it is a question of being on a spectrum moving towards or away from a concept.

At the New Moon, one’s personal energy is pulled deep within.  We are essentially at one with ourselves, spirit, source, etc.  This is excellent for introspection, reflection and all sorts of inner work such as journaling or spirit journeying.

As the light increases and the moon appears to grow larger, we may become inspired to move out of ourselves and interact with the world.  There is a growing desire to explore the environment outside of us, and our awareness generally moves away from self into the outer world.

Those born under one of the waxing moon phases may display some warrior characteristics, especially being able to get up and get moving with a project, passion or mission of some kind.  Yet all of us can tap into these energies too for 2 weeks each month when the moon is moving from new to full.

Our subjective awareness, the instinctive and unself-conscious parts of our mind, predominate the week before and after the new moon.  As we move closer to the full moon, however, we begin to gain a more conscious awareness of ourselves and our world.

Throughout this half of the cycle, energy is directed towards our ability to build forms & develop structures in life.  The images this conjures for me is that of planting a seed.  As the gardener I connect with my impulses for something new to grow in my garden, but I also must wait for the seed to spontaneously respond and instinctively begin growing.  It may be some time before I see physical confirmation above ground that the seed has sprouted and taken root below.  So too is the journey from new to full moon.

At full moon we have reached the maximum amount of moonlight for the month.  This is the point of culmination when the seeds we planted back at the new moon begin to bloom.  If, during our waxing phase, the seed we planted was a request for guidance, then this is when messages will most likely be received. Either way, a larger meaning of what began in the 1st half of the cycle is now coming into view.

Those born close to the full moon may innately know where their path lies because it is clearly illuminated for them, or they may spend their life seeking out their purpose because the light guides them in that direction.  What matters most when we are experiencing a full moon, both in the birth chart and with each month’s lunation, is to have a vision we can release out into the universe.

In the 2nd half of this cycle, the waning Full to New Moon, the soul is walking down the path which leads us back to self, spirit, source, etc.  We may see more clearly what actions remain for us to take and how to best fulfill one’s purpose.  We may feel called to tie up loose ends and heal karmic wounds, either from this life or past ones.  Also, we may want to take a vision revealed by the full moon and spread it on to others during the remaining part of the cycle.

During the week before and after the full moon, space opens up in the mind for objective awareness to flourish.  However it is the week following the full moon, when the waning light begins to slowly decrease, that the mind will predominate over the instincts most strongly.  Here we are able to consciously navigate through the unconscious world and flush out any unhealthy emotions hiding in the shadows.

As the moonlight becomes dim and we approach the next new moon, the shadows can appear in our physical world too.  This is the point in the cycle when the veil between the worlds is thinnest.  We may see, hear or feel the presence of our spirit guides, ancestors and other spirits.

The urge to disconnect from our mundane life, to withdraw and hibernate as well as to unplug from social connections takes root deep within us.  At the same time, the ability to reconnect with ourselves as spiritual beings, to sense the pulse and read the energies of what lies behind this world and to release all that does not serve our highest self is most potent.

To further understand where we fall on this spectrum, the next post will discuss how we divide this cycle of waxing and waning down into the 4 quarters of: New Moon, 1st Quarter, Full Moon and Last Quarter.  Feel free to email me if you want to know which phase you were born under.  Until then…..



Pisces Full Moon

pisces-moonHave you gone outside tonight to admire the beautiful Pisces Full Moon?  Not only is she luminous, but she also was charged this afternoon during our recent Lunar Eclipse.  Can you feel the power of your own watery emotions responding to her?

Lunar Eclipses often signify times of change, of endings and transitions.  The Pisces energy of today’s Full Moon brings in the energy of release and surrender as well.  Are there things you have been holding onto tightly and are now ready to release?

Why not set an intent right now, with the Moon as your witness, to let go of what you no longer need to carry? The Universe is calling us to remember our true divine nature.  In order to do so, we must be prepared to surrender up any illusions we have created around life that are no longer serving us.

This is also a perfect time to consider cutting cords to past pains and traumas.  The Pisces Moon is being balanced by a Virgo Sun, and she is ready to bring healing and wholeness back into our lives if we will only let her in.  Is there a particular person, place or event that brings up painful memories for you at this time?  Perhaps it is time to offer up forgiveness for the transgressions that have happened to you?  Or maybe it is a good time to simply offer yourself some much deserved self-love.

While the Moon remains in Pisces, we may not be exactly sure what the nature of our feelings are or where they spring up from.  This is a time to trust our intuition rather than our logic.  If the Moon is calling you to rest, then give yourself permission to catch up on some sleep this weekend.  If she is encouraging you to release old wounds, then allow yourself to visualize love and healing flowing to you and through you.  If you aren’t sure just yet what she has to share with you, then take some time to gaze into her brightness and allow yourself simply to be inspired.

Blessings of the Moon to you all!


Jupiter Enters Libra


Today Jupiter says farewell to its year-long trek through Virgo and enters the harmonious sign of Libra.  What will this benefic planet bring us over the coming year?  With a bit of luck, we will have opportunities to experience Beauty, Balance & Bounty!

Lets take a moment to recall what the past transit through Virgo was all about.  Virgo is a sign that gravitates towards systems, organization and a feeling of being in control of one’s environment.  It is aligned with the inner part of ourselves that gets caught up in criticism, perfectionism and being able to identify what simply isn’t good enough – about others as well as about ourselves.

Is there one particular area of life where you have been unable to escape criticism, where perfectionist tendencies have been in overdrive?  Which people, situations or systems have you been wrestling with because they just don’t feel good enough or aren’t finished being improved upon yet?  Can you identify one thing that has continually felt beyond your control these past few months?

If you answered yes, it is probably due to tensions that Jupiter in Virgo was creating for you.  If not, then you are one of the lucky few who worked with the higher vibrations of this combo and received good luck, fortune and guidance in the search to improve the quality of your life.

Whichever side of the equation you were on, expect a few changes to begin now that Jupiter has transitioned over into the sign of Libra.  One theme that may emerge for you is a yearning to discover what brings beauty into your life.  Beauty may be found in works of art, in nature, in good food or anything that is pleasing to our senses.  If we are aware, we can find beauty all around us in every aspect of our lives.  The challenge may be to avoid focusing on what we find unattractive about our lives during the journey.

Harmony and balance is another theme that will be ever-present for many of us.  What fills you with a sense of calm and serenity?  Do you know what is needed to experience inner tranquility?  If the answers are not immediately apparent, then perhaps Jupiter’s transit through Libra will provide new opportunities to learn for yourself what defines peace for you.

It is easy to spot those spaces where imbalance exists for us, to know where we feel off our game.  Jumping in, reacting or attempting to fill in the missing pieces may momentarily solve the problem, but it doesn’t truly establish balance.  Rather, when we take the time to become centered and grounded, then we are like the fulcrum point of Libra’s scales.  We stand in the calm and unchanging middle while the scales move to and fro around us.

During the coming year, we are all going to have to learn how to pull our attention away from the concerns of other people and from the external world around us.  Libra is ready to teach us the value of practicing mindfulness and of being present with our inner self if we will only let it.

Jupiter is now serving as the vehicle bringing forth those lessons.  This planet often represents the part of ourselves searching for higher truths, seeking spirituality or learning how to have faith, hope and belief.  Are you ready to try out some new spiritual practices that might also enhance the feeling of balance in your life?  Is there an educational opportunity presenting itself that will make your life more harmonious in the future?  Do you believe that beauty is surrounding your life?  Can you truthfully say that you have faith in yourself?

These are just some of the questions Jupiter in Libra will be asking us during the coming year.  We may find the answers revealed through our encounters with partners, by connecting with those things that lift our spirit or in relating more closely with the “I am” that dwells within.  Whichever connection calls to you, the insights you will gain are certain to fill your life with greater abundance and bounty!  Enjoy the journey.

Be A Spiritual Warrior

warriorAre you ready to commit to being a spiritual warrior? Today’s Solar Eclipse in Virgo may alter the way you answer that question.

Eclipses are times of change.  They often require us to make adjustments that lead towards personal transformation.  Solar Eclipses in particular challenge us to create new beginnings, launch new initiatives or establish new thought paradigms in support of our evolutionary growth.

Today’s eclipse occurred while the moon was in the sign of Virgo. Virgo calls us to work on healing ourselves.  If we refuse the call, if we fail to apply our skills to the job at hand, then it can also bring forth extreme worry, criticism and perfectionism.  Pisces works in tandem with Virgo showing us the path from healing to wholeness in due course.

Today was the 4th of 6 eclipses that will occur in the dynamic duo of Virgo/Pisces.  They began in March of last year and will continue through February of 2017.  We are in essence mid-way through the transformation.  Let’s take a closer look at what today’s step in this journey could look like.

Healing is an act we often associate with the physical body.  Yet each of us also has an emotional body, a mental world and a spiritual consciousness that might be in need of healing as well.  As an earth sign, Virgo’s approach to healing is wholistic and focused on eliminating that which is not in alignment with our highest good.  Are there any scenarios, people or beliefs present in your life today which are out of alignment with your authentic self?  The energy of this eclipse will help you to see any vibrations that create a feeling of dis-ease.

The Virgo Moon also asks us to create systems, routines and plans that will allow us to work daily on ourselves.  Is there a health regimen, exercise class or new diet that your intuition feels drawn to?  Would journaling, meditation or increased down-time balance the thoughts racing in your mind?  Is your heart or soul in need of some healing of its own?  What work can you do now to bring wholeness back into your being?

If the answers are not immediately clear to you, give it time.  Eclipses can take several months to bring their energies up to the surface of our conscious minds.  In the meantime, perhaps we can listen to what some of the other planets are also saying in the midst of this lunation.

Saturn challenges us to decide what we will commit to doing?  Change and transformation are long-term events that require time, consistency and dedication.  Mars chimes in saying now is the time to take action, to face the challenges before you like a warrior.

Neptune is reminding us all to be guided by our higher-self.  This is a spiritual journey we are on, not a war, so allow your intuition to guide the way forward.  The Sun’s message is straight forward.  Be a disciple unto yourself.  This is YOUR journey and no one else’s after all.  Allow the true being that you are inside to radiate out into the world through your words, actions and thoughts.

These are some of the seeds being planted during the next two weeks.  On September 16, we will have a Lunar Eclipse that asks questions of its own.  Then we will have the remainder of the year to work on both themes.  So I ask you once again, are you ready to commit to being a spiritual warrior?

Blame It On Mars!

Someecard Astrologer

I thought it might help to start off the day with a little humor just to take the edge off of things.  But why does life feel edgy you ask?  Isn’t Mars going direct today?  Isn’t that reversal of directions a good thing?  Haven’t we all been praying the last few months for it to go direct so we can get back into gear with all of our stalled plans?

Well, the short answer is Yes.  However there is a bit more to it than that.  Let me explain.

Mars has been in retrograde since the middle of April.  Retrograde is that confusing place where a planet “appears” to be moving backwards in the sky.  Basically it is due to an optical illusion created by our differing orbits and velocities.  And when any planet goes retrograde, the energies associated with it are difficult for us to move forward with in life.

So during this brief Mars retrograde, many folks have been feeling stagnant, penned in and unable to move or advance forward – either in general or in regards to certain people/projects/plans.  That is because Mars rules action.

It is also our personal battery, the part of us that goes like the Energizer Bunny, which means a lot of us have felt physically tired or become suddenly ill.  Let’s not forget too that Mars rules some of our emotions.  Those volatile and red-hot pokers of anger and resentment as well as the joys of passion all fall under this lord of fire.

Since Mars went retrograde in the spring, I have been telling folks that life may at times feel as if you are trying to swim past an iceberg.  There has just been a lot of under the surface tension slowing us all down in one way or another.  The great thing about a planet going direct is that this tension will be released.  And how does Mars release?  Gently and softly you hope?  I am afraid not.

This is more of a Mt. Vesuvius eruption designed to bring back all of our fire and passions.  Expect sudden bursts of energy to interrupt sleep patterns.  Burning desires to start those new projects sitting on hold for too long are bound to interfere with the completion of other things we are in the middle of wrapping up.  Some folks may have too much heat in their bodies and feel jittery while others are riding the caffeine-like rush with renewed purpose for life.

Where ever you fall on this spectrum of energy, one thing is for certain.  Any emotions related to the actions of yourself and/or others are ready to erupt.  Just like Old Faithful herself, your passion/joy/drives as well as anger/resentment/hostility are all pushing their way up to the surface in order to be released.  The longer they have been held back, the stronger they will burst forth.

Soon Mars will have picked up some speed and finally be moving at a good clip in his new-found direct motion.  At that point we will all be happy and relieved.  But for the next week I advise paying close attention to your emotions and the words you use to convey them.  Give yourself plenty of downtime and safe spaces to release negativity.  Be gentle with yourself and with others.  And when you feel that spark of desire pushing you to launch into something new – well just run with it and Blame It On Mars!

Summer Solstice (Part II)

solstice sunHappy Summer Solstice!

I hope you are feeling all the wonderful energy streaming down on us right now.  The Sun is changing signs (from Gemini to Cancer), a new season of Summer is being born and we are receiving planetary gifts of energy that will help guide us on.

This morning’s Full Moon asked us to see the benefits of releasing the old and bringing unfinished cycles to completion.  Right now, in this very moment, the Solstice Sun is challenging us to give our support to the relationships, commitments & sacred contracts we were born to create.

Juno, Venus & the Sun are calling our attention to relationships.  Juno, the asteroid goddess of marriage & partnerships, is in the final degree of Libra.  And don’t you know that Libra just happens to be the zodiac sign of marriage & partnerships as well?

If you read this morning’s post about the Full Moon then you already know that the final degree of a sign motivates us to bring about endings and birth beginnings related to that sign’s themes.  During today’s Solstice, you might want to draw down some solar energy to enlighten yourself on what relationship(s) are in need of closure or to identify if a new way of approaching your relationships is ready to be born.

Venus, the goddess of love & beauty, is also combining her energy with the Sun in the sign of Cancer.  And their influence on relationships might feel a bit gentler.  What dynamics within your existing relationships are you ready to redress?  Is there something you need added to the mix in order to feel more safe, secure, nurtured or appreciated?  Is there enough room there to let your light shine?  The golden glow of the Sun and Venus may remind you today how good it feels to show the world just how talented you are.

Relationships are one type of commitment, but what about commitments we make to our work, to our responsibilities, and to ourselves?  The shimmering Solstice is casting a large light in this area of life as well.  Since last November, many of us have been struggling with the mutable mania of Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune.  Have there been projects or visions that you struggled to get off the ground or to grow to fruition?  Has some part of life felt a bit like one step forward and three steps back?

If so, that has probably been the result of these 4 planets arguing about the correct way to proceed forward.  They have plagued us with riddles to solve.  Do I look at the big picture and chase a dream or become more pragmatic by paying attention to the details?  The answer is all of the above.

Starting today we are being challenged to cease thinking small and envision a world large enough to hold the beautiful broad scope of our entire being!  Whatever beautiful box you have been living in up until now, it is no longer large enough to contain all of you.  So step out and experience all the wonder that you want.

After you have remembered how it tastes and feels, then come back and use your practical skills to create a way there.  As one of my astrology students put it, “it is time to build bridges instead of boxes.”

And do not worry if you don’t know how to do this.  We have many Sacred Contracts with other people, spirits and guides in this lifetime.  These are our karmic commitments.  These are the helpers who are honor bound to step in and assist us in creating a shiny new future – once we begin the process of doing the work that is.

So now is the day, now is the time.  If you have allowed yourself to be caught up in escapism, now is the time to show up & be present.  If faith in a vision is keeping you from rolling up your sleeves and doing the work it will take, now is the time for a reality check.  If logic and reason are keeping you landlocked in pragmatism, now is the time to hoist some ideological sails and hit the ocean of dreams.  The only way we can bring the future we desire into focus is by mastering the skills it will require, doing the work it will take and bringing our entire being to the table.  Use the rest of today’s Solstice solar energy to tap into what you need to make your dreams come true.



Summer Solstice Full Moon (Part I)

sun and moonFull Moon’s occur each month, and we all know that the Summer Solstice happens every year.  But how often do we experience a Full Moon on the Summer Solstice?

It has been almost 50 years since our dynamic duo last paired up, and, if you miss today’s spectacular event, then you will have to wait until 2026 to see it again. What’s more, this polarization of solar/lunar energies is going to have a strong impact on all of us astrologically.

We begin the day experiencing the effects of the Sagittarius Full Moon at 6:02 am.  As if having a Full Moon fall on the Solstice wasn’t enough, there are other factors making it even more powerful.  This is our second Full Moon in Sagittarius, the first one was the Blue Moon back on May 21, and it is happening in the very last degree of that sign.  Both of these conditions mean you can expect this to be a time when we are asked by the Universe to bring unfinished business to completion.

OK, for some people maybe “asked” is the wrong word.  Those of us who have been ignoring that gut feeling that it has been time to cut the cord over a person/event/issue in our life for a while may feel more like we are being hit over the head with a 2×4.  Either way, the Universe wants your attention and your attention it shall have.  It is time to figure out what pattern in our life is worn out and needs to be released before we can get on with the important business of charting our futures.  Perhaps today will reveal to you a clue about what (or who) you are ready to release?

If all of that feels too overwhelming to tackle today, then consider pondering another question.  What is your spiritual path, and how can you live more in alignment with it?  (Are you thinking – on second thought “releasing” doesn’t sound so hard after all?)  Well, actually the two are interconnected.

The Moon in Sagittarius is urging us to let go of the old issues that are blocking our path forward while Jupiter (the planetary ruler of Sagittarius) is calling us to discover where that path will lead.  Both sides of the equation are going to call for us all to make some changes in order to progress.

There is so much more one can say about the planets today, but that feels like enough to chew on over your morning coffee.  LOL.  This afternoon’s Solstice occurs at 5:34 pm so check back around then for the Part II recap on what the Sun will be illuminating for us as well.



Mars Retrograde Flash Sale!

maxresdefaultThis morning Mars, that powerhouse planet, went retrograde.  It will continue to retrograde, appear to move backwards in the sky, until June 29.

Have the themes of anger, irritation, movement, action or delays been popping up in your life?  Do you feel that time is running out or that it will take too long to achieve your goals?  Is it time to rework the plan you have been pursuing?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may already have begun to feel the pull of the warrior planet at work in your life.  Expect the themes you have experienced since the middle of February to resurface again while it retrogrades through the signs of Sagittarius and Scorpio during the next 2 months.

If you would like to know more about how this transit is impacting you or would like to revisit other aspects of your astrological chart, use the buy now button on the right to purchase a discounted reading for only $50!  But better be quick, this Flash Sale will be gone tomorrow night.

Total Solar Eclipse

2b8662ee1180dce8a9fc10015891fa78Tomorrow evening, Tuesday March 8, at 7:54 PM we will be experiencing a total solar eclipse in the sign of Pisces.  A solar eclipse happens when the moon crosses in between the Sun and Earth.  Although this eclipse will only be visible in parts of Asia, Indonesia and the South Pacific, all of us will be experiencing the pull of its Pisces energy.  In fact, many of us have already begun to feel emotional waves cresting somewhere in our hearts.

Everyone, regardless of their sun sign, has a little bit of Pisces inside themselves.  It may be that the yearning to transcend or that desperate desire to escape only appears in one area of our lives, such as in relationships, career, with friends, doing tasks, etc., but I assure you it is present and doing magic somewhere within your natal birth chart and within you.  For those whose Sun, Moon or Rising Sign are in the sign of Pisces, this eclipse may have an even greater impact on their psyche.

So, what can you expect during this week’s eclipse?  Emotions, emotions and more emotions!  There are so many wonderful blessings this lunation offers us and yet each gift also has the potential to trigger tears, fears and anxiety as we struggle to accept them.  This is a time to release that which makes you feel sad, depressed or confined and make space to envision what new quest it is time to begin chasing.

This week expect to face anything and everything that has to do with shedding old behavior patterns from suddenly acting in old outdated ways to feeling as if the people around you are turning into shadows of past family, friends or lovers.  Also during this eclipse the desire to surrender up one’s personal will to a higher, divine purpose may become heightened.  The ego is not likely to give up her claim on us easily, so expect fears, resistance and avoidance strategies to surface along side any unexpected revelations.

New Moons are times of new beginnings as well, so during this eclipse we may find ourselves dreaming a new vision into being around what truly makes us feel safe, supported and nurtured.  Or conversely, if we begin to feel besieged by insecurities about being unsafe, alone or abandoned in some way, we may find ourselves hiding under the covers waiting for the monsters to go away.  Needless to say it is likely to be an emotional roller coaster for a few days.

And to add even more emotions to the mix, several planets are adding their energies to the thoughts and feelings running around our hearts and minds right now.  Mercury, Chiron and Neptune are all hanging out with the Sun and Moon in transcendent Pisces making it difficult to stop talking/thinking (Mercury) about our hopes, dreams and fears (Pisces).  It may be that old wounds we thought were buried (Chiron) spring up to the surface of our minds or that our feelings are felt too intensely to put into words (Neptune).

Mars, Saturn and Jupiter are not playing nice with all of these feelings either causing us to have more aggravation over feelings we cannot hide from or change (Mars), feel limited at how slowly we are progressing towards our dreams (Saturn) and create mountains out of molehills by exaggerating the problems or challenges we are faced with (Jupiter).

So what should we do to ride the waves of these emotions?  I invite you to take some advice from Disney’s Elsa and just “Let it go!”  The goal of this eclipse is to help us break through the darkness and release what no longer serves our higher self.  This is a perfect time to meditate, journal, do magic or just be with yourself.  As feelings rise up, honor them for what they are/have been and let them go.  In the wake of their departing, hopefully you too will feel the undercurrents of a new positive vision filling your heart and ready to be born.